My Mud Kitchen

image1On Thursday we celebrated our youngest girly’s third Birthday. I’d spent a good month prior to the big day attempting to hunt down something fabulous as her main present and failed miserably, the house is jam packed full of a variety of toys, most of which hardly get used at all. A couple of weeks prior to her birthday and I was feeling a little stressed, thats when I stumbled across My Mud Kitchen. I knew straight away it was something that both girls would absolutely love. I contacted Amy the owner of My Mud Kitchen via Facebook to see if they were able to get one to us with just over a week to go. I have to say she was amazing and bent over  backwards to make sure we got one in time.

It arrived on Wednesday via a courier and we received a text giving us a one hour time slot. It arrived well wrapped – the girls actually thought it was a piano.

We decided to go for ‘The Cake Kitchen’ which has proved to be perfect for us, height wise its ideal. The build quality is brilliant, its extremely sturdy and I can quite see that it will last until the children have outgrown it. It came with a variety of lovely pink baking accessories.

The girls were both thrilled and so excited to get it outside. They’ve been outside playing whatever the weather, creating all sorts of delights every day so far.

Both ‘The Mud Kitchen’ and ‘The Cake Kitchen’ are £95 each plus £20-25 shipping and can be sent anywhere in the uk. I feel they are amazing value, the service and build quality are just fantastic. We will be returning for a workbench very soon.




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