In the Pumpkin Fields

Over the past few years Autumn has really grown on me, particularly October, I’m in love with the vibrant colours, the change in the air and the chilly mornings, it inspires me in so many ways. I always seem to find I have a huge list of activities I can’t wait to do with the girls at this time of year, pumpkin picking being very close to the top of the list. 

We chose Pickwell Farm just outside of Southampton as I’d heard there would be plenty of Pumpkins to choose from and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. They seem to have a constant array of fabulous pick your own produce. The girls were so excited and I must admit I was too, it wasn’t something I’d done as a child so I was relishing my first experience too. 

On arrival you can collect a wheelbarrow to take up to the fields, there were two fields to choose from when we went and both are a fair step with littles in tow so it would be well worth taking a carrier or sling for toddlers and don’t forget to wear wellies as there were plenty of huge muddy puddles much to Ottie’s delight! 

There were hundreds of Pumpkins to choose from and amazingly whichever you choose is only £2 so great value, the staff were really friendly and it’s an easy five minutes off of the m27 so it made for a really lovely morning out. 

There is something really heartwarming about picking your own produce, it certainly inspires me in the kitchen too. We will be back very soon! 


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