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Last Monday morning i found myself eagerly awaiting a DPD delivery from Hello Fresh. Having found a £25 off voucher code from a fellow instagrammer i decided to give it a go. Ive been feeling a bit bored by meal choices for the last few months so was grateful of new meal ideas without the planning that goes to boot.

Im a bit of a sucker for packaging, the box, whilst fairly plain definitely got me feeling excited. So, in the box there was a load of meat and some prawns all wrapped in some insulation with some ice. This was the bit i was a little uncertain about. Food deliveries involving fresh meat via a standard courier leave me feeling a little uneasy but surprisingly everything looked very fresh indeed. Also in the box a whole host of different vegetables and mini herbs and spices, mini cheeses and packets of fresh herbs. What struck me is how well planned it all was. Most of the foods were the exact amount so thus leaving very little food waste – something i really struggle with generally. I had some concern that by the time we got around to the last meal the remaining food may be looking a bit sorry for itself but i have to say it was all still looking great. I froze all of the meat products and took them out to defrost day by day.

In the box were 5 meal cards – each meal serves two. We chose to start the week with Tiger Prawn Linguine which was really delicious and ticked the spicy box for us as both of us love our food with some poke to it. My favourite meal of the week was Chermoula Spiced Lamb with Baba Ganoush and minted corguette salad – this one i will definitely choose to make again.

My only hesitations on ordering every week would be the cost – at full price the boxes are £49,00 Whilst £10 for a meal for two is not completely ridiculous on a few of the days i felt quite hungry before i went to bed. Also a few evenings i found i was wishing for something a little quicker to cook, all of the meals we had involved a minimum 30 minute cooking time and sometimes i just can’t be bothered. That said, meals were all delicious and it definitely gave me some foodspiration and a good kick in the right direction. With an offer case i would definitely order again.




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  1. I have always think about trying the hello fresh box but have never been convinced but may have to give it ago! Great post x


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