A little about me..


I’m Hannah, 32, wife to my gorgeous Kevin, mother to our two beautiful girls – Freya (3) and Ottilie (2), owner of a rather rebellious chocolate labrador named Bella.

Ive always been a bit of a social media fanatic but around 2 years ago i took a break from Facebook in a bid to live much more in the present and actually converse with real people, i find facebook to be rather depressing, I’m a huge sponge to other peoples “stuff’ and generally found that it would bring me down. During my break from Facebook i intermittently used twitter but then stumbled upon Instagram – and so began my love affair with capturing our life in pictures. 2,524 images later I’ve found myself right here.

Anyone who knows me well will know that I’m a terrible hoarder..i can’t bring myself to throw away popped helium balloons, old birthday cake candles, meal receipts, shopping bags from special shopping trips..the list goes on, my husband winces every time a new box enters his man cave. Im hoping that by writing a little more and giving myself something to look back on i may be able to curb my collecting ways.

My passions are flowers, coffee, painting..walls..furniture..pictures mostly plants, crafts, baking, interiors (I’m a qualified interior designer), fashion, cleaning and i have a bit of a thing for Mulberry handbags.


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